The first honor roll was placed at Sterling Corners in 1944 through the courtesy of John Gillner.  Sterling High School pupils solicited the funds under the guidance of Miss Ella Gilpin.  The contributions of the residents of Sterling Township made the plaque possible.  R. A Smith, Sterling Dentist made the following entry in his diary for September 4, 1944, “Home in morning.  Afternoon went to the unveiling of the plack.  59 names were on it.  Leta Barnes died.” 

Many years later the plaque found its way into a basement where it remained until the mid 1980’s when it was moved to the front of the Sterling school.  The plaque was restored in 1994. 

The Historians of Sterling Township advertised in various newspapers for individuals to submit their names and branch of service when undertaking another restoration of the honor roll.  The honor roll contains names of those who gave their lives for our country and those who served our country.  The honor roll now has 158 names listed on it. 

In the year 2005 Committee members:  Jim Beischer, Chairperson, Ed Blasko, Don Wilmot, and Warren Halsey worked diligently to get names submitted to add to the honor roll.  Howard Stevens, Paul Butler and Jim Beischer erected the new honor roll, which because of the larger size, made it necessary to alter the frame to accept it.  Some donations were received, but not enough to cover the actual cost.  Additional contributions will be gratefully accepted.  Since war and rumors of war are inevitable, space was made for names to be added in the future.