WOLFE (Private)

Huckleberry Road, Dreher Township,

South Sterling, Pike County, PA




The Wolfe family cemetery is located at the end of a narrow land on a hilltop overlooking the Wallenpaupack Valley to the east.  The small cemetery is bordered by a dry-laid stone wall and iron fence, and stone steps lead up to the entrance.  Inside the enclosure is a carpet of myrtle.  The cemetery was established in the early 1800s by Christian Wolfe and Rebecca Long.  The Wolfe farm was sold after Christian Wolfe’s death in 1884, “excepting and reserving unto Leroy Wolfe, and his heirs and assigns forever, the family cemetery; and from that point east five rods and west five rods to form a semi-circle comprising all of the land surrounding said cemetery; and also reserving the title to a road one rod wide leading from the cemetery to the township road, never to be ploughed or in any way rendered impassable.”

-          Excerpt from ‘Historic Cemeteries of the Wallenpaupack Valley by Ruth Altemier of Greene-Dreher Historical Society


WOLFE, Christian R.: November 1816 – October 1884 (son of Charles David Sr. and Christine Wolfe)

WOLFE, Delbert: died 1836 (son of Christian R. and Rebecca (Long) Wolfe)

WOLFE, Henry: (son of Christian R. and Rebecca (Long) Wolfe)

WOLFE, Oliver D.: 03 April 1838 – 26 January 1865

WOLFE, Rebecca: 1819 – 1846 (1st wife of Christian R. Wolfe)