Peet Road, Dreher Township,

Newfoundland, Wayne County, PA


This cemetery was once a family burial ground established in 1857 by the family of Abraham Hazelton (whose name was originally spelt Heazelton).  The land remained in the Hazelton family for four generations and when it passed out of the family, the deed reserved “therefrom a small parcel, one acre, to be used for a cemetery.”  About 25 individuals are buried here, and only about half of the land set aside has been used for the cemetery.  The cemetery was once enclosed by a stone wall, as noted in the deed.  The original gate was lost when the road was widened.  The stone that marks the entrance was installed in 1998 by the 2-great grand-daughter of Abraham and Sarah.  Volunteers of the Historians of Sterling Township have restored the cemetery, including new steps at the entrance.

-          Excerpt from ‘Historic Cemeteries of the Wallenpaupack Valley by Ruth Altemier of Greene-Dreher Historical Society




AKERS, Arthur Horace: 30 April 1873 – 03 December 1950 (son of George Warren and Johanna Louise (Huguenin) Akers)

AKERS, Daisy (Heazelton): 08 June 1881 – November 1972 (wife of Horace Arthur Akers)

AKERS, Ella Mae (Heazelton): 1885 - 1964 (wife of Leonard Burton Akers)

AKERS, Jesse Warren: December 1907 - March 1908 (son of Arthur Horace and Daisy (Heazelton) Akers)

AKERS, Leonard Burton: 23 August 1881 – 1919 (son of Richard John and Ellen L. (Heberling) Akers)

HART, Henry: 09 December 1843 - 11 December 1920

HEAZELTON, Abraham: 1770 - 30 January 1857

HEAZELTON, Abram: 1768 - 30 January 1871

HEAZELTON, Edward: 27 November 1826 - 27 October 1888 (son of Abram and Sarah (Gilpin) Heazelton)

HEAZELTON, Elizabeth (daughter of Edward and Nancy (Masters) Heazelton)

HEAZELTON, Elizabeth (Thorpe): 1820 – 1871 (wife of Richard Heazelton)

HEAZELTON, Infant Son: (infant son of Walter T. and Clara M. (Batzel) Heazelton)

HEAZELTON, Nancy (Masters): 1845 - 1889 (wife of Edward Heazelton)

HEAZELTON, Richard: 25 July 1806 – 16 June 1866 (son of Abram and Sarah (Gilpin) Heazelton)

HEAZELTON, Sarah (Gilpin): 15 October 1784 - 17 October 1865 (wife of Abram Heazelton)

HEWETT, Adam: born 1865

HEWETT, Sarah (Gilpin): (wife of Adam Hewett)

ROBINSON, Mildred: (daughter of Frank L. and Grace M. (Heazelton) Robinson)

SERVICE, Francis B.: 08 April 1832 - 12 August 1891 (wife of Samuel Service)

SERVICE, Samuel: 28 March 1828 - 23 August 1908

SIMPSON, Daisy A.: June 1899 - 1901 (daughter of Oscar Franklin and Lulu M. (Heazelton) Simpson)

SIMPSON, Lulu M. (Heazelton): 1872 – January 1967 (wife of Oscar Franklin Simpson)

SIMPSON, Oscar Franklin: May 1860 – 1904 (son of Abraham and Mary Jane Starner Simpson)

SKELTON, Eliza (Hazelton): 05 August 1823 - 10 June 1865 (wife of William John Skelton)

SKELTON, Mary Jane: died 1863 (wife of William John Skelton)

SKELTON, William John: 01 October 1821 – 01 April 1886